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Here I gather some of my work in progess and ideas

Orc Digital Painting Using Cintiq Companion 2

I love interacting and experimenting with different drawing mediums. This is a digital illustration of an Orc from the Lord of the Rings movie (one of them). I enjoyed experimenting with different brushes to get some effect to this illustration.

I think the pencil and paper feeling will never be replaced. We all have paper sticky notes all over work areas , I'm saying millions! and yet we all have sticky note apps on our phones too. We all have sketchbooks and sketch apps, etc. etc ...with that said it is hard to replace a real/tangible object that can be altered by some ink, paint or coal placed on a surface. 

I think we're at a time now where an artist needs to look at these two forms of creating... digital or real? a sketchbook or a sketch app? a stylus on an LCD? or a pencil on a white 8.5 X 11 and just accept it and get ideas out however it comes to you. 

orc copy.jpg
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