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How to pick the right Logo Designer for your company

As more individuals start their own businesses, it is now easier than ever to offer a product or offer a service. Once you do this you need a good name for your company and most importantly you need a great logo design.

Say you just started your business and you're looking online for the perfect logo designer to help you create the most important piece of artwork for your business. What do you look for? how do you start?

I'll go over a few tips to pick the right logo designer for your company's first and hopefully only logo campaign...Don't worry, all the big brands have had a hard time with logos, for example Apple's first logo? Wouldn't look cool on your iPhone I'm sure.

 Apple logo before and after. The later one consists of same design only solid black/white with no detail inside the apple shape.

Apple logo before and after. The later one consists of same design only solid black/white with no detail inside the apple shape.

Where do I start?

A few things to do right away is to have a vision of your company from your customers' eyes. If they had to describe your products or services with adjectives, which would they use? write these down and Google search these terms for images to start seeing a pattern in the look and feel of the brand.

Find inspiration

Find images that match the style you're going for, do you have any images of design pieces you like?, fashion accessories or even furniture that sort of captivates the style you're looking for? Save all these images on a mood board and add as many images as possible.

Identify your target audience

This can be the hardest of the first steps, but is the most crucial in order to create targeted marketing material. Is your audience mostly female? or male? This can easily be done if you have a Facebook page or social media presence, on FB you can see the analytics of the people who like your page... it may say 80% of your followers are females between the ages of 19-25. This gives you an idea of who your followers are in order for you to know what they're going through and can offer solutions through the products or services you do.

Know Your Industry

Now that you have your inspiration board, and your target audience nailed down, we need to know the industry you're in. Do you sell notebooks made of recycled paper? if so, I wouldn't do modern and tech company look and feel because it wouldn't match the industry you're in...the style for this can be recycled cover stock with earthy tones of browns, greens and reds. Now from your inspiration board you can start taking the images that match the earthy tones and style and putting them into a new mood board to share with the artist you choose.

Know the Style

Now that you know your target audience and you have a pretty good mood board. It's time to settle on a style, are you more modern and techy or friendly and colorful? or earthy and conscious? All these questions matter because the viewer will get a feel of what you do without having to read your 10 paragraph about page.

Designer's previous logo designs

Before you consider contacting any designer, ask yourself a few questions. Does the designer's previous logo designs match the style you're looking for? If you're not 100% sure that the style you chose is the right one maybe you should look for someone with a variety of pieces that depict different styling of logos and brands. 

Are you looking for illustrations on your logo or mainly text based? if you're looking to add an illustration to your logo, look for designers who show skill in illustration and typography. 

Budget accordingly

Are you starting a hobby that you spend 5-10 hours a week doing and would like a logo for this service or product you sell? I wouldn't recommend spending $5,000 on a logo design if the company isn't generating a lot of income.

If you have worked and developed a service or product for over a the years and spend 20+ hours a week working at your craft then getting serious about logo campaign is a rational choice.

I've developed numerous successful logo campaigns in the clothing and retail industries. If you would like to see some of my logo designs please click here

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