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Editing Video for Green Girl Pewter Blanks

I used to be a big fan of Apple softwares like iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, etc...if you haven't heard of these programs you're probably 19 years old and shouldn't be reading this post.... before the iPhone there were computers around you know.

By using these programs I got the hang out working in a linear timeline and apply effects/edit images and become comfortable in a new software environment. A few years later I started using Final Cut (once Apple obtained it) and I loved the simplicity of the program and the ease to figure things out on the go. A few years passed and I wanted to step up my game so I switched to Premiere Pro and must say this is so far the best video editing software out there...it is a little intimidating once you first start using it but once you get the hang of it, it's worth every headache it gave you.


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