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Here I gather some of my work in progess and ideas

Ghost Rider urban t shirt design idea

This is a test print from some t shirt graphics I had laying around. It's hard not to do white t shirt designs, naturally they look really good on white or light shirts, but I've been trying to design more for black t shirts since that's where the challenge lays to make it stand out. We've all heard the stories of the Ghost Rider; motorcyclist who's a skeleton and his skull and tires are on fire...... last I heard from the Ghost Rider was in 2007 Nicholas Cage, although I didn't hate the movie, I did not like it at all...It was hard to portray as t shirt graphics, but I love a good challenge. The right side of the face is a skull, Da Vinci's study of a skull that I later manipulated and halftone so it has a unique look. Left part of the face is a 18th century portrait... some people mentioned that it resembled a ghost, so I was like yes!!! A great vintage tee has the great vintage look, and although ghost rider didn't ride this type of motorcycle, I felt for my interpretation it fit the look I was going for.

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