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Time to revamp your logo/visual identity?

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Owning a business can be a journey you'll never forget. You've put long hours day in and out, you've had endless amount of time in meetings and meeting people, you've spent a ton of money for company vehicles, tools, office space and supplies, and more...in short, your business has 90% of your attention during waking and sleeping hours...

but there's something that's been on your mind for the last few years, as your business grows and you interact with other businesses, there are more eyes on your company than ever before. Suddenly, you realize your logo was done by your niece in high school, she had good grades in art class so it has to be good right? Then you remember your cousin Peter, who is a Microsoft Word wizard hooked you up with some business cards that you printed up in a local Staples and every time you give your cards out and you look at the logo, your color palette, and the business card design your cousin created for you, there's that feeling that maybe your marketing materials are out of date? 

Visual identity is the most overlooked area in a lot of small businesses, some owners don't see a need for a new fancy logo or nice looking colors, their businesses do alright so why change it? or why have a marketing budget? 

If you're spending countless hours at the office and if you're spending time and money on your business every day, wouldn't it make sense for you to prepare more on what people see and perceive about your business? If your company is your life, you want to make sure you look great everywhere your name is placed, whether a business card or a website. This is the essence you're sharing with your customer

If you feel you have an out of date visual identity, it's not too late, a re-branding may be an exciting new chapter for your business, it's the chance to show your customers how great your products are through innovative design.

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