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How Design Impacts Businesses

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Great design has never been more important in today's age. Consumers are more aware of good vs great design practices through experiences. This is at all time high with companies like Apple, Microsoft, Starbucks and Facebook spending top dollar to make design a top priority in their products/company.

Why should your business have great design? You are not Apple or Facebook, right?

Well, first impressions matter. People's 5-second attention span can internally judge a company by how it looks. Who is this? is it trustworthy? is it credible? does it have what I want? are people buying this product? what do they say? etc, etc.

Put yourself in your customer's shoes, effective and attractive design goes a long way... good design helps you stand out, but most importantly helps your product be found. Talking product, the product or service has to be exceptional otherwise there's no point in dressing up a bad product, people will see through all the fanciness and realize the product is garbage. 

On the other hand, your company can look dated and untrustworthy but you have an amazing product. People who see through bad imagery and design try your product and are happy, but a lot more people missed out because of their first impression from your logo, website or business card.

Good design is perceived upon the first few seconds...it's like meeting someone in the street, you would know within the first 5 seconds of talking to this person whether he's a little "off" or not. Same with logo design/campaigns


First impressions matter, second impressions are really expensive.


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