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Here I gather some of my work in progess and ideas

3-D Renderings

I've been having a lot of fun with Blender 3D software. Mocking things up to later use for showcasing work is always hard to come by and making your own is better because no other designer out there will have them, (unless you put a download link for free with a smart object placement layer)

In the images below I show the sort of rendered imaged (it's not finished yet) but pretty much I grabbed materials from other aspects to create an interesting look with different reflections. I took a glass table and grabbed the surface and turned it vertically and changed the color. The bottom surface is a platform I found online which had a nice reflective surface and I made the two standing rectangles which can be business cards, posters, or even a completely different object that I can easily place in this setting and get the exact lighting throughout the campaign.

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