Raynal Reyes


Here I gather some of my work in progess and ideas

Fresnel Effect in Blender

I've been loving using Blender and its crazy infinite features...I mean this program can do EVERYTHING! renderings, 3d objects, taxes, take out the garage, etc etc. By watching a few Youtube videos I realized I will never learn this software entirely, as bad as I'd like to do EVERYTHING it has to offer we mostly fall short and learn just the things we're mostly interested in doing.

Just like we never use most of our smartphones, computers, cars and even houses. We're always falling short in what we idealize with certain items... but that's ok. I love the idea of being able to create some design mock-ups, 3d text and some scenery that catch my interest while learning the program. Here I show how I apply a fresnel reflection to a red ball in different images representing "lighting situations" I think it's crucial for something to look believeable.

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