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How to choose the right font for your business

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So many fonts, so many choices!

We all know fonts and see them every day of our lives, thousands of them bombarding our eyes for attention. There are so many fonts that we have to break them apart between serif, sans serif, and script fonts. Surprisingly even with so many choices, you'd think any font can do any job but that's not the case…Typography can be viewed as a visual summary. The sense and mood of everything from an isolated word to extensive blocks of text can be effectively visually expressed through the right typeface.

If you're looking for a feeling that translates history, tradition, and establishment you will benefit from using a serif font for your brand's characteristics. Such brands as Sony, Boss, Canon, Rolex, etc. show us a sense of high-brand authority.

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On the other hand, we have sans serif typefaces that translate a feeling of modernity and a polished look. When rounding the edges of a sans serif font you're changing the characteristic now more into the friendly, kid-friendly essence.

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Using a script font has been a trend for years now and I'm a big fan myself. I think this look adds a human touch and makes the company "seem" more vulnerable which can be a good marketing strategy for certain products. This emotes playfulness, warmth and relaxed.

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When you think about your business, what do you want people to think about? This is a hard question and always gets mixed up in the many ideas business owners have. If you're a friendly place like a day-care, or a modern smoothie joint I will recommend a rounded sans serif font, or a script font will do the trick…

But if you're a law firm, I would say away from friendly looking fonts and explore the serif font families in order to portray professionalism and history through the design.

There's a lot of businesses that choose the wrong type of font and treatment with their logo designs due to lack of understanding how each word is portrayed in the mind of the customer/the viewer. Below please see a silly analogy of what I mean.

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Which typefaces you choose will frame the way your brand communicates visually.

This knowledge can be taken into your other marketing materials. A flyer can have a headline serif font and a sans serif body text. This will still carry more the branding and make everything unified. Same goes with websites, choose headlines as your type of font and the opposite for the body copy. This obviously all depends on your industry and the look and feel you're going for.

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