Raynal Reyes


This is my feed showing some of my work in progress and ideas. Also, I show my past work and where my career has taken from being an illustrator hobbyist to a full-time Art Director.


Who Am I?


I'm Raynal R. Reyes, an Artist and a Designer living in Long Island, New York. I create identity systems and strategies for start-up companies looking to get creative work done once.

I develop and evaluate different options for company's needs and wants, my illustrations and your experiences will bring value by analyzing problems and creating solutions. Then, we efficiently deliver the company's story through marketing materials.

I take my work very serious but am not a serious guy so let's talk!...we share the unique desire to create timeless and purpose-driven work. I like involving the client from the inception of ideas and creatives until the very end.

I love geeking out on fonts, layout with typography, and I also love hunting for design inspiration on Pinterest.


My roots