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Photo Editing; Los Angeles Urban T-Shirt

For most of my t-shirt graphics, I love the Los Angeles crop top the most... these aren't only cute shirts, they're made to make you stand out.

Hello guys... I recently received a few awesome images from @kaxthleen on Instagram and although the image is perfect!! I wanted to slightly edit it and show a little tutorial on how to change the look of some images. She's wearing our one and only Los Angeles urban crop top.

Running a website is no joke, and once I completely transferred to this website I wanted to narrow down on the branding a little more; from background colors to accent colors, it's designed to naviagte with ease and understand what I'm all about in a nutshell.

With that said, I also edited most images and one thing I've noticed in photographs is that to create contrast people rely too much on black, even though in real life there's nothing "black" really, there's always a spectrum of hue taking over the darkness we perceive, for example; locate yourself in a dark room and you will see that there are millions of tiny little colored dots flickering around your vision to help you understand what you're seeing, even if you close your eyes you won't be in complete darkness, there's millions of patterns taking over your vision, it's like noise on a camera, the higher ISO the more "noise" you will see and notice the color of the camera noise, could be an image taking in a dark setting but you will see little blue, green, yellow and even red dots throughout the image...

With all that said, I chose my color scheme to be more of a "true black", along with colors that complimented the "true black" shade which is 70% cyan, 64% magenta, 63% yellow and 61% black. (rectangle you see next to the first image).

I love creating cool shirts that people can relate to, and by showing someone what to look for and how some ideas came to life is a pretty interesting method of relating with someone, not only that but you get to make a statement in urban fashion.

Hopefully you ejony the tutorial about how to edit your images to make them look better without doing too much Photoshop work. I will try to do more tutorials ranging from graphic design to some of my knowledge in screen printing and web design as well.

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