Raynal Reyes


I create a unique process with my clients to ensure expectations are met and objectives are done, it takes a keen mind and a smart eye.

Logo Design

We discuss your organization & what you want to see in the logo. I conduct research on the industry itself, it’s history and your competitors. I create design concepts based on our chat and research. I revise and improve the logo based on your comments and requests for changes. You celebrate. (4-5 days) 

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Identity Systems

A memorable logo symbol goes a long way, but an identity system is more than just a symbol... It is a way of establishing trust with a company in the mind of the customers. Think of your logo as a seed and your brand as the tree that grows from it. An effective brand gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. (14-20 days)

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Print materials

Graphic design takes an idea and transforms it into a visual graphic that can be across all mediums. Our graphic design services include but are not limited to: flyers, brochures, business cards, print advertisements, infographics, website layouts, t-shirt designs, menus, product packaging and more! (3-4 days)

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Web Design

Your online experience should be seamless in the branding process. I can help you create an impactful one. I work in several different platforms including Shopify, WordPress and Squarespace. I implement the latest in Responsive & Mobile practices, Magento solutions and specialized solutions. (6-10 days)

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Market research

We talk about the products or services you provide and analyze a target audience by the end of the session, we then move into ways of marketing to those specific groups of people. I create design concepts based on our chat, which can be used on your branding and marketing materials. (4-7 days)

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Product concept

Most of us make an instant value judgment on a company based on the way it looks. We can talk about professional product concepts and renderings, from sketches into 3d models I can conceptualize and showcase your product. (5-7 days)

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